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The flexibility of spreadsheets, superpowered

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Consolidate data in real time from all your sources and leverage our pre-built data models

  • ERP and Accounting Systems
  • HRIS and ATS
  • CRMs
  • Data warehouses and operational databases
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Excel and Google Sheets bi-directional integration

Keep your financial models the way they are, but automate away all the manual work:

  • Pull data from your integrations with one click or automatically on a schedule
  • Save versions of your budgets and forecasts back into Aleph to have one source of truth
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Double click into your data right from your spreadsheet without needing to open your accounting system or any integration

  • Go all the way down to the most granular level of data
  • Easily compare changes between time periods at different aggregations
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Budget in Excel
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Track changes to your data and collaborate with your team

  • Choose the level of data that you want to share
  • Use version history to review any changes in your models
  • Easily lock versions for future reference

Reduce errors, be efficient, and build your source of truth for financial data

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Save time

Turn hours of syncing actuals and reconciliation into a button click

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Keep your spreadsheets

Supercharge your existing Excel/Google Sheet models

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Get value immediately

Avoid the need for months-long implementation processes

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Collaborate confidently

Robust access control lets you share without copy-pasting

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