• Building recurring reports was super time consuming and messy 
  • Even the most standard reports required gathering exports from Netsuite, Salesforce, etc... and importing into spreadsheets 
  • The team was spending more time doing mundane tasks than doing their job - being strategic advisors to the business


  • Envoy implemented Aleph as their source of truth for financial data
  • Integrating Netsuite and Salesforce took a few hours
  • They converted all of their data into familiar pivot tables
  • They used Aleph’s custom formulas to replace all their complicated sumif, vlookups, and indexmatches in Excel and Google Sheets

"We moved all our financial reporting to Aleph. Since we implemented it, I have encouraged all the members of the FP&A team to automate their reports with Aleph. Our Excel reports that we always used are now updated in a matter of seconds with the Aleph formula. There is a before and after in the way we work."

- Sergio Prada , FP&A Director


  • In under a week, they were fully onboarded with most of their financial reporting completely automated
  • Saved the FP&A team 20+ hours a month in manual data pulling and reporting
  • Eliminated the need to rely on Netsuite or Salesforce exports to gather data
  • Removed common the human error component that was prone to errors
  • They radically improved their analytics capabilities with drilldowns and auto-refreshes

This new way of working has enabled the Envoy FP&A team to not only become more efficient, but to focus their attention into providing value to the business by extracting insights, partnering more closely with other areas of the business, and championing a data-driven culture.

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