Postscript is an SMS platform that enables brands to develop relationships, deliver experiences, drive results through text messaging.


  • Postscript’s finance team needed to gather data from Quickbooks, Salesforce, and Snowflake in order to run their reports, which required a ton of manual SQL queries and exports
  • Additionally, they wanted to roll up their Excel-based models into a central database so they could deploy it across the company’s various Google Sheets to collaborate with other departments
  • They ended up going with a different FP&A tool that is also Excel-native, hoping it would fix these issues—but it couldn't live up to it's promises
  • Unfortunately, after 6 months of fighting with their complicated data models, Postscript still wasn’t able to integrate their Snowflake data using the other tool

"We planned on hiring another person soon in our finance team, but Aleph has allowed us to keep our headcount flat for probably another year, while giving us the output that we would’ve gotten from that hire."

- Chris Brubaker , Sr. Director of Strategic Finance


  • Postscript decided to implement Aleph as a “rip and replace” of their previous tool
  • Their team set out to use Aleph to create a central source of truth for all of their financial data plus their models that they create in Excel 
  • Their finance team syncs their models in Aleph and then pulls them into various Google Sheets to collaborate with other teams and stakeholders
  • They use Aleph to get instant access to their financial data in all of their models and run them significantly faster

“Implementing Aleph was insanely fast. We did all of our quarter-end reporting with Aleph less than 3 weeks after signing.”

- Chris Brubaker , Sr. Director of Strategic Finance


  • Their team set up integrations with Snowflake, Salesforce, and Quickbooks in under a day, and was fully onboarded within a week
  • Chris estimates that Aleph has given their team the output of another FTE FP&A Manager without adding a headcount 
  • The speed and quality of their reporting has improved drastically. For example, they can get budget versus actuals by department within a day
  • Chris is now able to answer ad hoc questions from leadership much more effectively, because of how quickly he can shift and transform data to compare scenarios 
  • Chris is able to spend more time building thoughtful narratives and adding commentary to reports, rather than just gathering data
  • Ally saves a full day each reporting cycle on manual work, and various reports and models take him between 50 - 75% less time to create

“We're very excited with Aleph. It's brought a lot of joy to us, and I don't say that about many tools”

- Ally Nabbouh, FP&A Manager

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