Y Combinator

Y Combinator (YC) is a startup accelerator program and investment fund. Since 2005, 4,000 companies have participated in the accelerator, including Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Instacart, Dropbox, and Coinbase. Today, YC companies have an aggregate valuation approaching $1T.

Case study conducted in the Spring of 2022.

Venture Capital
~100 employees
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| 30+ hours

saved per quarterly

reporting cycle

| <3 weeks

time to value

including on-prem


  • YC’s finance team needed to create recurring and ad hoc reports for dozens of entities from a mixture of data sources. Gathering the data for the reports was a super tedious and manual process that took hours
  • They needed an on-prem solution that integrated with all their tools due to the highly sensitive nature of their data
  • They knew they needed a tool, but struggled to find one that was flexible enough and could work for their users with varying degrees of technical skillset

“We're typically hesitant to build processes around a solution as new as Aleph. However, after evaluating the benefits we'd get from it, we decided that the risk was well worth taking.”

Ani Kochiashvili
Finance Technology Lead


  • YC implemented Aleph and started using it as their main source of ad-hoc and standard reporting
  • YC’s finance team uses Aleph to pull data from their data warehouse for ad hoc and recurring reports via no-code and SQL queries
  • YC's tech team has been building internal applications using Retool (for data entry) and Aleph (for reporting), streamlining the workflows and driving efficiency on the team
  • Within a month of signing up, they were live and fully onboarded, which included setting up on-prem


  • Aleph has equipped YC with an ideal combination of access to the data in the cloud, familiarity and the analytical power of Excel and Google Sheets, and flexibility to pull queries with raw SQL (used for ad-hoc) or no-code / drag and drop functionality (primarily used in recurring reporting)
  • Aleph saves 30+ hours of manual, annoying work per quarter, and improved the finance team’s confidence in their reports 
  • YC's adoption has remained constant since the launch, with everyone on the finance team representing daily or weekly active users

Current state

“Aleph changed our finance team’s processes from really messy, tedious, and error prone to smooth and streamlined. We save hours, annoyance, and our whole reporting process is better because we can get answers immediately.”

Ani Kochiashvili, Finance Technology Lead

“Aleph has given me much more confidence in the reports we present because I can check the data in real time and make any changes that need to be made upfront”

Shellie Wong, Accounting Manager

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